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Braces (Orthodontics)

Not everyone is born with the smile they would wish for. However, this can be corrected! Braces can be done for everyone, from age 5 to age 90. If you have ever thought of changing your smile, this is the longest-lasting, safest, and most-natural way of doing it.

We recommend that every child have an orthodontic screening by age 7. This allows us to determine if there are any developing problems that could be avoided with early treatment designed to allow the permanent teeth to have enough room to grow into the mouth straight and even.

If you weren't able to have braces as a child, do not despair! Many adults are now having braces done in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond! It is never too late to get the beautiful smile that you want and deserve.

If you are concerned about the old "train-track" look of metal braces, be assured that this is a thing of the past. We offer both the traditional metal braces (which are even smaller and less noticeable than ever) as well as tooth-colored braces, which blend even better with your teeth.

Many methods of payment are available for braces. We do offer a 10% discount if payment is made up front. Or you can choose from several payment plan options if this is easier for your budget.

Dr. Anderson, as a licensed dentist, not a certified orthodontist, made the decision years ago, to offer braces to his patients. This allows our patients to do "one-stop shopping", avoiding the need to make separate appointments for braces from other dental appointments. At our office, your orthodontic appointments can be combined with cleanings, fillings, or any other dental work that you require. This can be a true time-saver, especially if more than one of your family wears braces!