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We make beautiful smiles a reality, providing quality dental care for a wide array of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Welcome, we take great satisfaction in helping you keep your smile! 

For over 40 years, Affordable Dentistry of Flushing, MI has been providing general, restorative, cosmetic dental care.

24-hour emergency care: Dr. Lisa's after-hours emergency number is 810) 730-4888 for every patient experiencing trauma (car accidents, blows to the face), extreme tooth pain, facial swelling, and other oral facial emergencies.

Our Core Values

  • Affordable Dental Care!
  • On Time Appointments, When You Want! If you are new to our practice, click here. 
  • Dental Care Should Be Conservative When Possible! -The latest techniques now allow cavities to be found earlier, when they are smaller. This allows Dr. Anderson to use fluoride, sealants, and other non-invasive treatments, instead of fillings. In most cases, these areas can literally be reversed, allowing the tooth to reharden and become stronger.
  • Patients Should Not Have to See Specialists for Everything! - Dr. Anderson provides full-service dentistry for both children and adults. Unlike other offices which often refer more complex treatments to other dentists, Dr. Anderson's many years of experience and continuing education allow her to treat all but the most difficult of cases.
  • Latex Safe Office - Our office does not use any latex gloves, latex rubber dams, etc. Latex, which is related to rubber, causes allergic reactions in many people. In some people, this allergic reaction is so severe that they are unable to even enter a building where latex gloves are used. To provide a safe haven for these patients, many years ago Dr. Mark Anderson's office became the first in our area to become completely latex safe. Dr. Lisa continues these safe practices today.

We believe our patients should have as much information as possible in order to make informed decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options. Please feel free to continue to browse this site or call our office with any questions! If you are new to our practice, click here.

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